Can a Pretzel Expand a Funeral Home's Reputation?


Can a Pretzel Expand a Funeral Home's Reputation?


Neither can a puppy, a slice of watermelon, or a sandwich. Traditional social media posts may generate some likes or shares, but how do they enhance a funeral home’s brand, especially if its most valuable asset is its reputation? 

Effective Local Advertising for Funeral Homes on Facebook.


 Why should you advertise on Facebook in a certain way? Facebook is the biggest local media in your market. It’s what the newspaper used to be. According to Pew Research (April 2021), Facebook reaches 73% of all adults 50-64, 3 out of 4 women 18+, and 50% of adults 65+.

How do you start?  Most prospective customers tell us they don’t know what Facebook is, they don’t know how it works, and they don’t have a lot of free time to figure it out. They also worry about what their competitors are doing on Facebook. They don’t know that, either.

You can grow your business with Post and Boost on Facebook. We’ve discovered how advertising on Facebook in a certain way can expand your brand, your connection to your community, and grow your call volume. 

Give us a try. Bill A Johnston is a Facebook Expert for Funeral Homes, a 25-year radio broadcast veteran, and author of the book, “How Facebook Works for Funeral Homes.” He’s written and published thousands of posts for funeral homes with Post and Boost. He can do the same for you.