Welcome to our Freelance Photographer Video Library

You’re accessing this page because you are in the process of becoming a certified photographer for Post and Boost. Please become familiar enough with this content so that you will know what we are asking you to do, and that you can successfully become certified.

This first video is the Intro Video.  It introduces you to our Funeral Home Photography Process, and it also introduces Bill.  It’s a great overview of what we need, plus will show you the images from a full shoot.  Th e next video is our Route System. When you see the Intro and the Route System video, YOU’LL GET IT!! Approximate length 20-minutes.

The Post and Boost "Route System"

Here is the Full and Partial Route video. You’ll see a diagram of the funeral home, the “scenes” we used, and then the actual pictures.  Approximate length 10-minutes. 

Job Order and Uploading Pictures to our Google Folder

To officially start the job, we produce a Job Order. This video will describe what’s in it, and once you have completed your photography process, you will need to organize and upload your pictures to Google. The Job Order will have the folder link. and this video best describes how we need the folder to be organized.  Approximately 7-minutes in length.  If for some reason this video does not completely answer your questions on how to organize the files and folders and them upload them to Google Drive, then watch the video after this one named “Video 6”.

Video 6 Organizing and Uploading Files and Folders to Google Drive