Introducing Post and Boost to Photographers

Welcome to the Post and Boost page for photographers. We’re glad you’re here and taking a moment to get to know us.

Post and Boost is a full service, social media advertising agency. We help funeral homes with their Facebook Page strategy, and highlight the care and support they offer families in their local community. We believe in the power of great photography and pair images of their facility and staff with thoughtfully written custom posts.

When we have a new account that isn’t already nearby one of our team members or one of our certified photographers, we recruit a new photographer to help us capture great images of our new client, their staff and the inside and outside of their facility.

We’ve worked with photographers across the country who specialize in all different kinds of photography. 

When we’re looking for a new photographer in a new area, we try to find someone in close proximity to our client (as much as possible) who has experience with individuals/groups, as our photo needs are focused on capturing individuals in scenes throughout their facility.

When we reach out to you, it’s because we’ve searched the area via Google or Facebook, found your business information, reviewed your online portfolio and decided you might be a good fit for our needs.

So now, you get to decide. Are you a good fit? Do you have an interest and some availability in your schedule to work with us?

It’s likely you’ve already been in touch with our national photographer coordinator, Jen Busfield. Give her a call or text (336-260-3831), or email her back to confirm you’re ready for next steps.

To give you a better perspective, this video explains our service to a prospective customer.