QuickStart is an easy-to-start, budget-friendly Facebook service by Post and Boost for Funeral Homes. It’s a unique blend of custom, photo-centric boosted posts with traditional, industry-based social media content. Don’t miss out on our incredible introductory pricing!

Post and Boost QuickStart

When the form below is complete, you’ll have access to your immediate next step and an email with step by step instructions for getting your account active and your Facebook Page working the best it’s ever worked for your firm!

Our goal is to create confidence from our very first conversation to each and every step along the way as we leverage your Facebook Page’s potential. Remember, it’s not just a page on a social media platform; it’s a valuable tool for effective local advertising.

Sign up for the Post and Boost QuickStart service now at our best-ever pricing…

For as low as $299 a month for 12 months*

*Save more than 14% with a one-time payment of $3,588. Or, if you prefer, $349 per month for 3 months. Then month-to-month until further notice.

NOTE: Service may be unavailable due to pre-existing non-compete agreements. Call 336-516-9163 to confirm market availability. Completed payments in restricted markets are fully refundable.


We only need 3 simple things from you.

Schedule An Onboarding Meeting

Participate in a 45-minute online onboarding meeting, during which time we will gain access to your Facebook page, gather data, define boosted topics, and share our needs for a successful launch.

Send Us Your Photography

Send us a minimum of 30 pictures featuring staff members using our easy QuickStart Photography Portal. Up to six staff members can be included.

A Vaild Credit Card

Only if you choose to use a different credit card than the one you sign up with.

Wouldn't You Love To Have a Facebook Page That Connects Your Funeral Home To Your Community?

Starting with Post and Boost is easy! Whether you have a Facebook Page that’s old and seldom-used or a need to start from scratch, we have the experience to get the process up and running, without too much time or worry from you!

You’ll have an advertising platform that can be an asset to your funeral home for years to come.

Facebook Works For Funeral Homes

Don’t over think it.

As a funeral home owner or operator, maybe you’re curious about how Facebook will help you connect with your local community, but you’re unsure about how to get started, how to stay consistent, how to set up your targeting or even how to stay within your budget.

As the owner of Post and Boost, Bill A Johnston is committed to changing the way funeral homes advertise.

That’s where the Post and Boost QuickStart service will help support you with a step forward.

Sign up today for the Post and Boost QuickStart service at incredible, best-ever pricing.

Faces work on Facebook.

Imagine a consistent, strategic posting schedule that highlights your staff and facility working together with thoughtful geo-targeting to the right audience in your market.

Your local community members who are active on Facebook will start feeling more connected to the services you provide.

There's nothing quite like QuickStart anywhere else.

Bill A Johnston has a lifetime of advertising expertise. His mission is supporting funeral home and operators with effective local advertising. The Post and Boost QuickStart service is unlike any other offer available on the market. Now is the time to take advantage of this incredible, best-ever pricing.


Fill out the form, choose the plan that works best for you, and with success you’ll receive a getting started email from us, and your QuickStart Account will be activated.