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Bill A Johnston is committed to changing the way funeral homes advertise and now you get to the benefits of his expertise in this area. He’s helped hundreds of funeral home owners and operators – and now, he’s going to help you!

Get ready for a consistent, strategic posting schedule that highlights your staff and facility working together with thoughtful geo-targeting to the right audience in your market. It makes all the difference!


Take a moment right now to schedule your onboarding meeting with Matt Ayer. Don’t wait or put this off. This is the most important next step to get your QuickStart account moving forward. Click on the link to view Matt’s Calendly App schedule and choose the best available time for you.

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Meet Matt Ayer

It’s time to set up your appointment with Post and Boost’s QuickStart Onboarding Expert, Matt Ayer.

Your meeting with Matt will last about 45 minutes.

Simply pick a day and time that works best for you to meet with Matt over Zoom. Be sure to use a desktop computer for the meeting. Here’s the agenda:

  1. Facebook Page Access
  2. Your Funeral Home Details
  3. Boosted Topics List and Prioritization
  4. Photography Portal
  5. A Successful Launch

Let's Review What We Need From You

1. Schedule An Onboarding Meeting

Hopefully, you're doing this right now!
Schedule a time to meet with our QuickStart Onboarding Expert and participate in a 45-minute online onboarding meeting, during which time we will gain access to your Facebook page, gather data, define boosted topics, and share our needs for a successful launch.

2. Send Us Your Photography

Watch the HOW TO video to make sure your photography meets our standards!
Send us a minimum of 30 pictures featuring staff members using our easy QuickStart Photography Portal. Up to six staff members can be included. Click here to review the instructional video. Your confirmation email will include a link to the Portal.

3. A Vaild Credit Card

Did you choose our monthly payment option? Want to use a different credit card for ongoing payments? If yes, make sure you let Matt know during your onboarding meeting.

Topics For Continuing Education offered by Bill A Johnston

Bill offers “How To Be Known, Trusted, and Celebrated on Facebook” and “Busting the Myths of Local Advertising for Funeral Homes: How to Invest Your Dollars Wisely for Increased Sales.” Both of these webinars are CE Approved by the The Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice (APFSP).