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We Grow Your Funeral Home’s Brand, Name Recognition, and Market Share.

Does it feel like nothing you’re doing on Facebook is working?

Frustrating, inept, and disjointed might be just a few of the words that can describe how you feel, especially if other Funeral Homes in your area appear to be doing a better job with their Facebook advertising. Plus, if all you’re doing is generic, fluffy “Hallmark” posts, you’re throwing money away. 

You want a Facebook strategy that’s personalized, a Facebook page that gets your message out to the community, and helps your Funeral Home grow. 

The Facebook posts we create for our clients are funeral-home specific and are building relationships with thousands of families who love their Funeral Home’s staff and the services they provide.

Together, we can do the same for you.


One Less Thing To Worry About.

Once we know your topic preferences, it's like magic. Things start happening just the way you wanted, and we never call to ask "what do you want to do this month." We'll already know.

Your Brand and Staff Will Be Trusted In Your Community.

Custom, branded photography featuring you and your entire staff will result in a strong presence on Facebook, and if you already have one, it will get even stronger.

Consistently In Front Of The Right People All The Time.

Every post is boosted to saved audiences based on age and geography. We use the powerful Facebook Business Manager to place all buys.

How it works

Here's How Our Market-Exclusive Service Starts

We Can Help You In 4 Easy Steps

1. Schedule Your FREE Consultation With Bill

2. Have a 45-Minute Meeting To Pre-Set Topics and Rules

3. We Take Pictures At Your Funeral Home

4. We'll Be Live On Your Facebook Page In 30-Days

"To successfully advertise on Facebook you almost have to be an expert."

Paula Lowe, Owner, Lowe Funeral Home & Crematory

If you choose to work with a marketing firm or an enthusiastic employee, and they produce fluffy, generic “Hallmark” posts or promote “theme days” like National Sandwich Day, are you growing your brand? Are you relevant? Are you in the conversation, or are you missing an opportunity? 

This doesn’t have to happen to you. That’s because you’re hiring a Facebook advertising expert. 

Imagine what it will feel like to have a strong presence on Facebook, to have members of your staff proud of where they work, and that other funeral homes in your state will admire and respect your social media skills. 

Finally, you’ll have an advertising platform that will allow your Funeral Home to grow for years to come.

We've helped these clients create a strong presence in their community.

We can help. All it takes is a Zoom meeting.

What You'll Get With Post and Boost:

Market-Exclusive Service

Three Posts Per Week

Every Post Boosted Using the Facebook Business Manager

Custom Photography

Turn-Key Service. We Honor Your Time.

Topics Dynamically Picked With Your Pre-Set Preferences

We Monitor Your Page and Organically Grow Page Likes

We'll Produce Custom Posts When You Want

We're Easy To Do Business With

Have Questions? We've Got Answers!

That sounds like Alex Lee, President of Bryan-Lee Funeral Homes in Raleigh NC. When he asked us if we knew he was celebrating his 50th year as a Funeral Director, we told him we hadn’t heard the news yet. Alex replied, “Well, neither did the people who get the Raleigh News and Observer. I bought a full-page ad and nobody told me they saw my ad, but everybody tells me they’ve seen my Facebook page.

One of the biggest issues even media professionals face is “what to say” when creating ads for Funeral Homes, and that’s especially true when we see employee-created posts on Facebook. Rarely if ever do they know what to say, so instead they create fluffy “Hallmark” posts, i.e. posts that may be like a poem or saying like on the front of a greeting card. You’ll also see them doing theme days like “National Strawberry Week” or “National Sandwich Day”. How do theme days sell your Funeral Home’s brand, people, or your services?

Visit our pricing tab on this website. You’ll discover it’s less than the cost of a low-traffic billboard.

Comments by Facebook users, especially on posts that feature one of your valued staff members, IS word-of-mouth advertising, and that’s what you get when you use Post and Boost on Facebook. And yes, word-of-mouth advertising works!

Our initial onboarding meeting takes no more than 45-minutes. We follow that up with on-site photography that takes 90-120 minutes. Once both items are complete, we can go live. We guarantee the process takes no more than 30-days.

We’ll send you the Agreement and you can sign it on-line. It’s that easy!