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Bill A Johnston is an advertising expert for funeral homes.

Bill A Johnston is dedicated to changing the way funeral homes advertise.

He is a graduate of the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University, with a degree in Television and Radio, and has more than 25 years of experience managing radio stations.

In 2000 he founded iconnectv.com, an interactive media company for cable television. He produced national television commercials for Charter Communications and interactive lead generating platforms, including the “Answers!” CD and “The Time Warner Cable Business Analyzer.”

He is the President of Post and Boost and author of the book, “How Facebook Works for Funeral Homes” available on Amazon.

His experience in television, radio and new media, and his deep and abiding friendships with funeral home owners and operators gives him unique insights into how funeral homes can successfully advertise their business.

The biggest issue facing funeral home operators when it comes to advertising is two-fold: What do you say and how do you get results?

Leave it to Bill.

Unlike any other service, Post and Boost is an advertising service designed to grow market share, and we are honored to create content for customers all over the United States.

We create effective advertising, the kind of advertising that can help a business grow in any economic climate. Our advertising style is based on four (4) pillars: “Reach, Frequency, Consistency, and Copy.” When all four are done correctly, that's when you have the best opportunity for results.
Bill A Johnston
Owner, Author and Speaker

What You Can Expect With Post and Boost

We are exceptional.

The quality of our content, the way we write and create content, and our production team sets us apart. Our quality is unmatched.

We are thoughtful.

We don’t write typical funeral home ads. We use topics that funeral home clients including preplanning, branding staff members, your facility, even custom ads.

We are effective.

Using the 4 Pillars, we create effective, local advertising, the kind of advertising that can help a business expand in any economic climate.

We are strategic.

By using Facebook, and if you choose, Television and Radio, identifying the audience, geography, and the media are absolutely essential for success.

What Post and Boost Customers Say

[Our] one-size-fits-all approach didn't work. You were present. You found our voice. Our social media presence has grown tremendously. We get so much more interaction with each post. I think it's something makes us relevant in the communities we serve.
Dan Briggs
President, Davidson Funeral Home
I knew where I wanted to be, I just didn't know how to get there. Trying to come up with verbiage, trying to come up with what to do, took more time than I thought. Bill has given us a consistent message. It's very polished and professional.
Paul Phillips
President, O'Quinn Peebles Phillips Funeral Home & Crematory
I spend zero time worrying about Facebook. Bill's doing the thinking for me and I'm not having to worry about it. Our numbers are up dramatically with likes and interactions. People tell our employees all the time they saw them on Facebook.
Paula Lowe
Owner, Lowe Funeral Home & Crematory
Facebook ads [have] actually done a lot for us - we were the first in our area to do it ... It's really taken off for us. It's been a great thing for everyone to get to know our staff in the community and to just get our face out there...it's really helped us a lot!"
Chipper Smith
Vice President, Smith Funeral Home of Florence
We were on Facebook but we weren't really reaching anyone. It wasn't growing. We were not promoting our brand. The process of working with Bill is easy. We do not have to worry about anything. Our Page likes have skyrocketed. Our audience is growing and engaging with our posts.
Joe Trippodo III
Manager, Forbis & Dick Funeral Service

It begins with a phone call and a zoom conversation.

We’re not a cookie-cutter advertising agency. along the way.

We want to discover what makes a firm unique, what are their goals, and what do they want their advertising to accomplish. It’s also a candid conversation about budget and believing that advertising can work.

Post and Boost Offers Facebook Advertising

Trust Bill. Facebook Works For Funeral Homes

Every post we publish for every one of our clients captures their uniqueness. Our goal is to create confidence from our very first conversation to each and every step along the way as we get your Facebook Page working at its fullest potential.

Remember, it’s not just a page on a social media platform; it’s a valuable tool for effective local advertising.

Post and Boost Offers TV Ads

We don’t write typical funeral home ads - and the quality of our content sets us apart.

Imagine new, custom ads highlighting what makes your funeral home special running within 60 days of signing a contact.

They are written by Bill A Johnston of Post and Boost, shot at your Funeral Home by Sherrie McWhorter of McWhorter Concepts, and deliverable for online and broadcast use.

Post and Boost Offers Radio Ads

When it comes to Radio, choose experience. Bill has 25+ years managing radio stations.

They are written and produced by Bill A Johnston, President of Post and Boost and author of “How Facebook Works For Funeral Homes.”

We offer preplanning ads or can produce custom ads based on the needs of the client. We can also act as your agency with your local media outlets.

Topics For Continuing Education offered by Bill A Johnston

Bill offers “How To Be Known, Trusted, and Celebrated on Facebook” and “Busting the Myths of Local Advertising for Funeral Homes: How to Invest Your Dollars Wisely for Increased Sales.” Both of these webinars are CE Approved by the The Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice (APFSP).