Bill A Johnston May 2024 Webinar

How to be Known, Trusted and Celebrated on Facebook

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at 2pm ET

This workshop reveals how to be known using faces on Facebook, trusted with “word of mouth” advertising from user engagements and posting obituaries, and celebrated by Facebook users who have been served at their funeral home.

Over the years working with funeral homes and after publishing tens of thousands of posts on Facebook and Instagram, the leading insight we can share is simply this: Facebook Users Love Their Funeral Homes. We see the outpouring of love and gratitude towards them all the time, yet most funeral professionals are unaware of this inspirational truth. It’s almost a secret!

What this tells us is “Faces on Facebook” works. By posting images of funeral directors, assistants, office administrators, owners, managers, even comfort dogs, funeral homes and their staff will be known, trusted, and celebrated on Facebook.

Participants can receive 1 CE credit upon completion by submitting required information to their local state board.

Continuing Education credits approved by the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas; and all states that accept certified CE providers of the American Academy of Funeral Service Practice, which includes attendees from Oklahoma. Additional state approvals coming soon.

Program Outline

Facebook users love their funeral homes!

Be Known: Faces on Facebook works

Be Trusted: Trust is built gradually and based on consistency

Be Celebrated: Families express gratitude to those who have served them

How Facebook can be used to create effective, local advertising

Be Noticed: Boosting posts is vitally important

Funeral homes are retail advertisers. How the sales funnel works 

The benefit of being the first “funeral home of record” in your community on Facebook

Learning Objectives

1. Why Facebook users love their funeral home.

2. Why Faces on Facebook works.

3. Facebook is what the newspaper used to be. Funeral homes must have a winning Facebook strategy.

4. How to be known, trusted, and celebrated on Facebook.

Registration is closed for the July Post and Boost webinar presented by Bill A Johnston.

Business Benefits

1. Motivation: Advertising on Facebook in a certain way can give funeral homes a proven strategy to expand their business. This session can motivate thought.

2. Inspiration: By seeing what other funeral homes are doing on Facebook and the engagements they are receiving from users they may be inspired to take action.

3. Opportunity: If a funeral home becomes the first in their community to be known, trusted, and celebrated in their community on Facebook, they will always have that advantage, and in advertising being first can be everything.


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"We have much more capability to reach the community and so much more interaction with each post."
Dan Briggs
Funeral Director
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Paula Lowe
Funeral Director
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Joe Trippodo III
Funeral Director

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