Bill A Johnston at Post and Boost August Webinar​

Bill A Johnston at Post and Boost August Webinar

Busting the Myths of Local Advertising for Funeral Homes

How to Invest Your Dollars Wisely for Increased Sales

Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich” is quoted as saying, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” But the truth is, many funeral homes can’t conceive advertising because they don’t believe it works for “their business.” That is a myth!

Advertising can work. It’s worked for Coca-Cola and GEICO. It can work for funeral homes too. This workshop will tell them how.

The first roadblock funeral homes face is “what to say.” It’s easy for furniture stores and restaurants to advertise, but writing ads based on “Death and the Funeral Process” is not easy.

If funeral homes intend to remain profitable and expand in this world of growing cremation percentages and shrinking margins, they need an advertising strategy faster than word-of-mouth.

This workshop reveals how advertising works best for funeral homes, what you can say, and tips on Radio, TV/Cable, Internet, Outdoor, and Facebook.

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Earn 1 CE credit by attending this webinar.

Learning Objectives

1. Local advertising can work for funeral homes

2. Word-of-mouth may be the best advertising, but it’s too slow if you intend to expand sales

3. Knowing there are Four Pillars in Effective Local Advertising

4. Understanding the role of TV/Cable, Radio, Outdoor, Newspaper, Google, and Facebook/Instagram

Program Outline

1. Advertising does work. Coca-Cola and GEICO prove it.

2. The role of death metrics and demographics in advertising

3. Four strategies to grow sales. Which one(s) should you do?

4. Reach: How many do you need to reach to grow?

5. Frequency: Change the way people think

6. Consistency: The Sales Funnel

7. Copy: What do you say and how do you say it?

8. Google is the Yellow Pages; Facebook is the Newspaper

9. Media quick hitters: TV/Cable, Radio, Outdoor, the Newspaper

Business Benefits

1. By knowing how advertising works, it will be easier to “believe” it can work for their funeral home.

2. The sales funnel will help operators visually understand the need to always be advertising

3. With the four pillars of effective local advertising, wasted ad dollars can identified and redirected

4. Not advertising has long-term consequences to the equity value of the business, especially in competitive markets.

5. The sales funnel will help operators understand the need to always be advertising

6. Be encouraged to discover an advertising strategy that can expand their sales.

"We have much more capability to reach the community and so much more interaction with each post."
Dan Briggs
Funeral Director
"Our social media presence has grown tremendously. Our numbers are up dramatically with likes and interactions."
Paula Lowe
Funeral Director

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As a Facebook Expert for Funeral Homes, Bill has looked at hundreds of pages and can quickly tell you if your Facebook page is working for your funeral home.

Here are 3 questions he can help you answer. 

1. Is the content on your Facebook Page informing users about the benefits of your Funeral Home?

2. Are you reaching enough Facebook users to get advertising results?

3. Is there a Facebook strategy that can actually grow your business?

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We’d love to work with you! The absolute best way to get the information you need to consider whether this is the right opportunity for your funeral home’s advertising plan is to schedule an introductory appointment with Bill. We make it easy for every funeral home to have a Facebook strategy that rocks!

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