Mistake #1

Are you thinking people are visiting your Facebook page just like they visit your website?

They don’t! People will go to your website to quickly and easily find an obituary because that’s one of the things it’s designed to do. 

Facebook is different. Facebook users are going to their Newsfeed and reading posts by friends and business pages like yours. Rarely do they go to your business Facebook Page.

We did a snapshot of 10 pages we manage with more than 1,000 likes and spending around $250 a month on Facebook advertising. For every one (1) person that visited a business Page, a “post” from the page reached 28 people. 

Said differently, in this study, more than 96% of these Facebook users learned about an obituary or their funeral home in their Newsfeed.

What do we do? 

The objective is to get in your ideal Facebook User’s newsfeed! We create posts that tell the story about your funeral home brand, your people, and your services. After creating target audiences, we boost those posts to the thousands of people who live around your funeral home.

Are you interested in becoming a new customer of Post and Boost?

We’d love to work with you! The absolute best way to get the information you need to consider whether this is the right opportunity for your funeral home’s advertising plan is to schedule an introductory appointment with Bill. 

We make it easy for every funeral home to have a Facebook strategy that rocks!

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