Reminder Video for Post and Boost Photographers by Bill Johnston

Howdy! This video was produced for current, certified Post and Boost photographers who may be preparing to do a shoot, plus all new photographers who are being certified.

During the month of May, 2021, I personally completed ten full on-site photography shoots, and in the process better refined the route system. What would normally be a request for 8-12 scenes, you’ll see in the video that I am getting 25+ scenes, and 50-70 pictures and doing it under 12 minutes.

We do need more image per shoot, especially when there are only a few cast members. This video contains three different examples of these kinds of shoots.

There also a few friendly reminders:

1. Pay attention to cast member details. Ties, coats, hair, etc.

2. Always shoot horizontal.

3. Please do not crop pictures

Questions? Call me at 336-516-9163, or Jen at 336-260-3831.