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Does this sound right? You can meet with a family at the worst moment of their lives and you know exactly what to say, yet when an advertising salesperson asks you, “what do you want to say in your ads,” you don’t know what to say!

When I began writing Facebook posts for funeral homes, I felt just like you.

As a radio broadcaster for 25 years, I’ve written thousands of commercials. Yet when I was challenged to write three posts a week for six different funeral homes, I was overwhelmed. I remember having a conversation with a client where we were brainstorming “deathless topics.” That’s how desperate I was.

Then it hit me.

Funeral homes like yours provide an amazing personal service.

Think about it: a family surrounds a loved one for their entire life, and when they die, you are so trusted, you can enter their home, remove the deceased, help them begin their journey of grief, and then lead them into a celebration of life.


So as I analyzed all of the posts I created for my six clients, I began to see a pattern.

I saw the “topics” we were writing about, from Funeral Director Branding and the benefits of being Family Owned, to Pre-Planning and Cremation Options.

Then I saw how Facebook users, when presented with a picture of one of my client’s employees combined with one of my topics in the newsfeed, responded. It was incredibly positive. So powerful. No apology (about advertising as a funeral home) needed.

A ha!

Our “a ha” moment was when we discovered Facebook users love their Funeral Homes, and the people who work in them. So much for deathless topics.

When we take pictures of you and your staff, combine them with our topics, then post them on Facebook, you will love what Facebook users in your community have to say about you, your funeral home, and your amazing staff.

It is so transformational and it happens every time. It would be an honor to do it for you!

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We make it easy for every funeral home to have a Facebook strategy that rocks!

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