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Bill A Johnston at Arkansas Funeral Directors Association 2023 Annual Convention

Bill A Johnston at Arkansas Funeral Directors Association Annual Convention

Bill A Johnston is speaking at the Arkansas Funeral Directors Association Annual Convention in Little Rock on Friday, May 5, 2023.

The seminar, “Be Known, Trusted, and Celebrated on Facebook,” will teach funeral home owners and managers how to effectively advertise their business using Facebook as a media and provides 1 CE credit .

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As a Facebook Expert for Funeral Homes, Bill has looked at hundreds of pages and can quickly tell you if your Facebook page is working for your funeral home.

Here are 3 questions he can help you answer: 

  • Is the content on your Facebook Page informing users about the benefits of your Funeral Home?
  • Are you reaching enough Facebook users to get advertising results?
  • Is there a Facebook strategy that can actually grow your business?
"We have much more capability to reach the community and so much more interaction with each post."
Dan Briggs
Funeral Director
"Our social media presence has grown tremendously. Our numbers are up dramatically with likes and interactions."
Paula Lowe
Funeral Director
"Our audience is growing and engaging in the posts that you are creating. Our Page Likes have skyrocketed."
Joe Trippodo III
Funeral Director

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We’d love to work with you! The absolute best way to get the information you need to consider whether this is the right opportunity for your funeral home’s advertising plan is to schedule an introductory appointment with Bill. We make it easy for every funeral home to have a Facebook strategy that rocks!

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