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Post and Boost January 2023 Update

Post and Boost Monthly Update

January 2023

Here’s what we’ll cover in this month’s update:

  • Cremations are invading bottom lines. We have copy ideas to help.
  • Don’t fall for the new scam asking for credit card information.
  • Welcome to new customers across the country.
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The Cremation Invasion

More of our funeral home customers are experiencing how cremation calls are invading their bottom line. 

How do you address this?

How do you keep your bottom line healthy? 

You can grow your call volume, raise your prices, or develop a comprehensive sales process that puts you in the position to manage and maximize every sales opportunity.

Is it selling or is it offering? 

Often during any sales process, sellers forget who is responsible for determining the overall cost of a funeral.

Yes, the funeral home sets the pricing, but it’s the customer who determines how much they are willing to spend. 

Key Thought: Offer products and services that lets customers decide for themselves how much they want to spend.

New topic for you to consider: “Traditional Cremations”

Have questions? Give Bill a call to discuss in detail: 336-516-9163

In his book, “How Facebook Works for Funeral Homes,” Bill outlines a list of proven topics that work for funeral homes. Schedule an appointment with Bill and get a FREE copy.

ALERT: Credit Card Scam

We’ve learned that there is a new credit card scam targeting businesses that advertise on Facebook.

Listen to this: A customer told us recently that someone had reached out to them with an urgent message stating that their credit card needed to be replaced to boost their advertising on Facebook because it was expired. All they had to do was click on the link provided to update their payment information.

Red flag, anyone?

At Post and Boost, we buy Facebook ads on behalf of our customers. To make it as easy as possible for you, we manage the Ad Account and if there were to be any issues with an expired payment account, Bill would be calling you directly.

Never click on a link that’s been provided to update your personal information.

If you see a suspicious email or text from someone claiming to be from Facebook, and you’re not sure if it’s legit, call us at Post and Boost and we’ll look at it together.

Welcome New Customers

We’re welcoming new customers in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Philadelphia, and Wisconsin this month. What an abundant start to the new year!

We’re thankful for all our customer referrals. And especially, for all of those who participated in our “Refer A Friend, Support A Cause” campaign over the holiday season.

All the promised donations have been sent. And those who were referred received a free copy of our book, “How Facebook Works for Funeral Homes.”

Are you interested in becoming a new customer of Post and Boost?

We’d love to work with you! The absolute best way to get the information you need to consider whether this is the right opportunity for your funeral home’s advertising plan is to schedule an introductory appointment with Bill. We make it easy for every funeral home to have a Facebook strategy that rocks!

"We have much more capability to reach the community and so much more interaction with each post."
Dan Briggs
Funeral Director
"Our social media presence has grown tremendously. Our numbers are up dramatically with likes and interactions."
Paula Lowe
Funeral Director
"Our audience is growing and engaging in the posts that you are creating. Our Page Likes have skyrocketed."
Joe Trippodo III
Funeral Director

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